Splendid Self Isolation.

If you’re anything like us, you probably feel like you’ve been in lockdown for approximately ten years. So, it might traumatise surprise you to hear that, in fact, we’re still only in week three.

It’s times like this when working in PR really comes into its own. Our clients in the healthcare industry have genuinely useful advice to help keep us healthy (don’t drink and DIY…) and, because we’ve always got an eye on current affairs, we tend to find out about new ideas designed to keep us all entertained quickly too. And, if nothing else, COVID-19 has been responsible for the birth of several brilliant, sanity-saving new creations that are bringing people together and reminding us that we’re not in this alone.

  • If you’ve never seen the TV series Taskmaster, you’re really missing out, as this variation on the show proves. The programme’s presenters have been inspired by the lockdown to set tasks every Monday and Wednesday for anyone to tackle, using nothing but themselves and household objects. So far, this has included turning your bathroom into the venue for a great night out, creatively throwing paper into a bin and camouflaging yourself. Check out @AlexHorne on Twitter and get involved!
  • If you love Harry Potter and escape rooms but are currently stuck indoors, you’re in luck – you can now enjoy a digital, Hogwarts-themed escape room from the comfort of your own sofa! Ideal for a quick break from reality, you can play for free here.
  • Video calls for work purposes can often be an uphill struggle, but face-to-face social network app House Party is anything but. Perfect for quick catch ups with friends and family and with the added bonus of genuinely fun built-in games, House Party’s real strength is that it’s so easy to use, even your mum can get involved. https://houseparty.com/

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