Flippin’ ‘eck, Yorkshire Day’s bin and gone already!

Just as we’d all perfected our ’ey ups and na’then sithees, donned our flat caps and stuck a white rose in our lapel, proud Tykes were being nudged off the national calendar by upstarts such as National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

Hundreds of column inches were filled with Yorkshire Day celebrations, from Yorkshire pudding tossing in York to sword dancing in Sheffield, all washed down with – what else? – a pot of Yorkshire Tea.

Even the life-sized animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex in Trinity Leeds – the brain-child of our creative colleagues at Umpf – was topped off with a flat cap for the day.

Here at The Right Agency we’re all agreed that singing the praises of God’s Own County to the rest of the UK really is the easiest job in the world. Here are just three reasons why:

  • Beautiful countryside – forget France, nowhere provides a better backdrop to cycling than our now world-renowned Tour de Yorkshire.
  • Food – Yorkshire puddings, Yorkshire ale, Yorkshire parkin, Yorkshire rhubarb, Wensleydale cheese… we’re feeling hungry (and thirsty) already.
  • Sporting prowess – looking for a medal-grabbing Olympic team? Look no further than the Yorkshire lads and lasses who, if we were a country not a county, would have placed Yorkshire 12th and 17th respectively in the London and Rio games. Not to mention the Yorkshire backbone of the 2018 England World Cup squad.

We could go on. And we know 5.3 million proud Yorkshire Tykes would agree with us. Even the off-cumdens.