Congratulations Cadbury – your PR stunt has almost single-handedly ended the “healthy eating” resolution of thousands of people across the country.


This comes after the company decided to hide 371 white chocolate Crème Eggs in stores across the country in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style competition. Find one, and you’ll be in line to win up to £2,000!


Unsurprisingly, Cadbury has received great coverage in all corners of the press, but it hasn’t all gone to plan for the chocolate manufacturer or its associated stores, with many reporting a number of opened Eggs being left on shelves as customers search for the money-spinning chocolate treat.


Very unhygienic, but there’s a much simpler way of finding the prize as many people on Twitter pointed out – just read the label!


Legalities mean Cadbury will have to publish ‘white chocolate’ as an ingredient on the packaging of the winning eggs, so let’s all stop putting our grubby hands on the Crème Eggs and ruining them, yeah?


We love the stunt, and it’s a true replication on how a well-worked PR campaign can deliver coverage and increase sales. Well done Cadbury, but we’re still not happy you’ve ruined our post-Christmas diet!