Star Wars fever has hit the world again as the long-awaited The Last Jedi comes to a cinema near you. And, while millions of people will be flocking to watch the film on the silver screen, an inventive campaign by Tourism Ireland has seen the Board trying attract fans to the actual set instead!


As many of the film’s scenes took part on Ireland’s Skellig Michael, Tourism Ireland decided to try and creatively lure wannabe Padawans and extra-terrestrial beings to the country. Their idea? Send a promotional billboard into outer space!


The tourist board connected the billboard, which promoted the Wild Atlantic Way, to a weather balloon before sending it into the earth’s stratosphere. The billboard reached an altitude of 33,390 meters, becoming the ‘world’s first space tourism campaign’!


And it’s not the first time Tourism Ireland has launched a Star Wars-inspired campaign. The board recently changed the name of the Portmagee – a village near Skellig Michael – to Porgmagee, which is the name of the franchise’s latest fluffy animal and will be a sure-fire Christmas hit this year.


Nice work.